Welcome to Check This Science!

I’d like to call this a blog for the inherently curious. For anyone who has ever heard of a recent scientific discovery and thought “Hey! What’s that all about?”. Well, thats exactly the kind of news and information I’m hoping you’ll find here. If anything goes down in the world of science, I’ll be right on it. Researching what it means, it’s applications, as well as some of the finer details of how it all works and reporting all that information to you guys!

We’ll be exploring almost all areas of science here, ranging from the biological, through the chemical, all the way to the physical, with maybe some stories looking at how science is perceived and treated by society and combating any misinformation you might have come across. All while hoping to entertain, educate, and inform.

Does that sound good to you? Then prepare your brain! We’re about to begin.

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